Phototherapy the Light that Heals

Phototherapy – the Light that Heals
Did you know our body transmits a frequency of light?

Ancient cultures have always represented humans ashaving an element of the Divine which is represented by light emitting from the body. Now there is a 21 st centurytechnology that can tap into this infra-red light in our body and enable it to heal itself. This patented technology reflects light back into the body which
replaces our old, dying cells with new youthful cells. The results are decreased inflammation, more energy, mental clarity, improved skin and wound healing, to name just a few benefits. Many people notice better recovery, more muscle strength and cardiovascular benefits when they use these products.
I have so many amazing stories to share about how I have helped people to eliminate pain and suffering,
without using any drugs at all. Today I will share about meeting a contact at Starbucks for coffee. As I entered the shop, I noticed a lady sitting there with a very swollen face. Her lips were all distended, and I thought perhaps she had had botox. When I asked how she felt, she told me that she was in a lot of pain. She had just received some drug during her dental visit that resulte in a very swollen face. She said that after our coffee date, she was headed to the Emergency Room. I quickly seized the opportunity to help her, and applied a specific phototherapy patch above her belly button. I gave her a glass of water, and we continued our conversation. She went to the rest room, and when she returned, I looked at her face. The extreme lip swelling was already starting to subside. In another fifteen minutes, we said our goodbyes, and she stood to leave the shop. She announced that there was no need for the Emergency Room, as the problem was now eliminated with the patch! This was just the start of our longstanding relationship with these life changing phototherapy patches.

Can you imagine that there is an easy to use, noninvasive method of relieving pain, which is affordable and uses NO DRUGS whatsoever? This seemingly impossible technology exists; and for 13
years I have helped my clients restore their health to a pain free state without any drugs or chemicals whatsoever.To learn how you can experience the feelings
of youth at ANY AGE, visit my website